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Glossary of Internet Emoticons

Common Internet signs and emoticons that are used by kids and teens in chat rooms, email, instant messages and while surfing online:
:-|          Ambivalent
o:-)          Angelic (Halo)
>:-( or >:(    Angry
|-I          Asleep
(::()::)       Band-aid
:-{}          Blowing a Kiss
\-o          Bored
:-c          Bummed Out, Sad
:( )          Can't Stop Talking
:*)          Clowning
:(...          Crying
T__T or TT_TT    Crying (usually meant in a humorous way)
:'-)          Crying with Joy
:'-(          Crying Sadly
x__x       Dead, unconscious
:-9          Delicious
:->          Devilish Grin
;->          Devilish Wink
:P          Disgusted
:*)          Drunk
>_< or ><   Embarrassment or frustration
:(          Frown, sad
^ ^ or ^__^ or ^^    Happiness
^5          High Five
(((((name))))          Hug
(( )):**          Hugs and Kisses
:-)*(-:          Kissing Couple
:-#          Kiss
<3          Love
:~/          Mixed Up
$_$        Money-hungry
:-O          Mouth Open (Surprised)
@--/---     Rose
u_u          Sad
:O           Shocked
:) or :-)     Smile
^            Thumbs Up
@_@     Tired, trying to stay awake, ditzy
:-\          Undecided
;) or ;-)    Wink
^__~      Wink, reluctant
:-@          Yelling

As you know, the Internet is always changing, evolving, and updating. New terms and codes appear in Internet chat rooms constantly. Also, what means one thing in one chat room may not mean the same thing in another.
Although many Internet chat rooms have different 'lingo', 'slang', and etiquette, the above emoticons are pretty much standard throughout the Internet and SMS/ Instant Messaging / Text Messaging areas. If you have a new Internet chat term, emoticon, or code that you would like to share, please

MORE information on common Internet signs, codes special symbols numbers that are used by kids and teens in chat rooms, email, instant messages and while surfing online:

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  • Internet Chat Room Emoticons - Symbols, slang, and other methods teens use to communicate with each other in Internet Chat Rooms. Keep this guide handy and keep yourself educated about what symbols are commonly used in all kinds of Internet Chat Rooms.

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