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Dedicated to helping families surf the Internet with awareness, safety, and knowledge

The Internet can be a confusing and dangerous place. Without a safety net, many people can fall into the danger zones of pornography, predators, online scams, Internet viruses, and spyware. With such free access to the Internet around the world, many have abused it as an opportunity to take advantage of others.

But, there's no reason to fear the Internet. When used properly, with the right precautions and the right information; the Internet educates, positively influences, and provides a creative outlet for today's kids. was created as a resource for kids and their parents to help them work together as they learn about important safety precautions to take while surfing the 'net.' Should you find any information missing here, or have questions, comments, or suggestions, please

Website Tips for Safe Surfing

For kids and teens,, contains :
  • information on kid and teen-friendly Search Engines, directories and portals that serve as your child or teen's entry point onto the Internet.
  • Links to approved websites for kids and teens.
  • Parent-child Internet Use agreement that help protect anyone online...
  • Tips for kids about how to be careful about revealing information and taking care while surfing the Internet.

    Safe Surfing - Tips for Parents

    For parents, teachers and adults this website contains information about protecting and helping kids and teens with safe fun, and effective use of the Internet with tips on:
  • evaluating your browser security
  • reporting incidents, suspicious Internet activity and illegal websites
  • information and statistics and surveys about kid's Internet activity
  • warning signs about dangerous activities your child may be involved in on the Internet
  • filtering and blocking software that is available for use on your computer
  • tips on how to communicate with and protect kids who are using the Internet
  • interpretation of Internet slang and words encoded in acronyms
  • general rules for de-coding online slang
  • Internet slang - the meanings of numbers and symbols
  • sample contract / online agreement for kids and parents
  • FREE - Printable Internet Safety Lesson Plans
  • NEW --- WHO are you talking to online?

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