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Worldwide Reporting of Illegal Content or Activity

Reporting Illegal Activity - Worldwide

Worldwide - there are services that request reports be sent to the appropriate country in order to report illegal content or illegal websites, throughout the www (World Wide Web).

Some of the websites that can be used to report illegal activity are listed below:

Organization Country Web Address
ABA Australia www.aga.gov.au
Stopline Austria www.stopline.at
Child Focus Belgium www.childfocus-net-alert.be
Red Barnet Denmark www.redbarnet.dk
Northern Line Finland www.pela.fi/nettivihje/
Point de Contact France www.pointdecontact.net
Jugendschutz.net Germany www.jugendschutz.net
Electronic Commerce Forum Germany www.eco.de
FSM Germany www.fsm.de
SafeLine Greece www.safeline.gr
Barnaheill Iceland www.barnaheill.is
ISPAI Ireland www.hotline.ie
Stop-It Italy www.stop-it.org
Polizia delle Comunicazioni Italy www.poliziadistato.it/pds/informatica/
ICEC Internet119 South Korea www.internet119.or.kr
ANESVAD Spain www.anesvad.org/compromiso/frmDenuncia.php
Protegeles Spain www.protegeles.com
Rädda Barnen Sweden www.rb.se/hotline
Meldpunt The Netherlands www.meldpunt.org
Internet Watch Foundation UK www.iwf.org.uk
CyberTipLine USA www.ncmec.org
specifically - www.cybertipline.org

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