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Exactly WHO are you Talking To Online?   

Anyone can fake their age or the way they look EASILY on the Internet...
HOW can you tell who you're talking to online? - - - YOU CAN'T
Unless it's someone you know from school who has given your their email address or IM name --- it's impossible to tell if you're chatting with a creepy old guy or a cute young guy - a Teddy Bear or a Wolf.

The Internet turns us all into Little Red Riding Hood --
roll your cursor over the Teddy Bear to see who's really online with Red...

Hi there Red, I'm just a cute little Teddy Bear... heh, heh
  • Interested in online dating or chatting with someone cute online?

    How do you know who you're talking with in a chatroom or instant message?

    Names, ages, cities and, of course, photos can easily be faked

  • For example: Who would you rather chat with here?

    (Roll your cursor over the photo to see exactly who your new online buddy is...)

    Gimme a call, toots    OR     Gimme a call, toots - It's still me, the letch, but you can't tell when I put up the other dude's photo, heh, heh

    Call me sweetie. I just love this cute chick photo I snagged from the Internet.     OR    Call me sweetie, oops, accidentally put up my driver's license photo...


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