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About Filtering and Blocking Software
It is important to remember that no amount of blocking or filtering software can completely protect your child from the Internet 24 hours a day. The best protection is keeping an open relationship with your child, and make sure you communicate with them, and they you. When it comes to teens, communication is key.
Even the most advanced software is not foolproof. Teens can guess and find passwords, or even find a way to disable the program or get around it if they have the computer knowledge. Although these programs can be helpful in preventing accidental or unwanted exposure to the things you are filtering out; remember that you can't be with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What can be with them is the knowledge and reassurance that you provide them as an understanding, informed, and involved parent.

Filtering and Blocking Software Resources
There are a wide variety of Internet Safety Tools that perform different kinds of functions to help you keep your children safe.

Blocking or Filtering software prevents children from accessing inappropriate content.
Filtered ISPs are Internet Service Providers that offer protection against objectionable Internet web sites as well as unsolicited and inappropriate emails.
PC Time Monitors can be set to regulate the times of day and length of time your kids have access to a PC.
Activity or Keystroke Loggers keep a log of all communications between your child and others, so that you can check what they have been doing.
PopUp Blockers prevent unwanted windowsfrom popping (many of these can contain inappropriate material).
Spam Blockers prevent your children from receiving spam email, which often advertises inappropriate sites.
Kid Friendly Portals are a safe place for your children to be when searching the Internet.

Often a combination of these types of tools to ensure safe Internet usage.

Internet Tools for Safe Surfing*    

  • MyWeb

    By MyWeb LLC

    Available since September 2002

    The makers of MyWeb, MyWeb LLC, described their product as: the first ever fully animated browser with a 'smart filter.' The filter blocks access to material that you don't want your kids accessing. It also has a spam-proof email account, educational tools, and a 'kid friendly' internet radio station.

    MyWeb is a product that:

      Automatically blocks out any objectionable words or sites while still allowing for useful, educational browsing free from the glitches inherent in most commercial filtering software.

      Popup Protector protects your child from unwanted advertisements that can bombard them while browsing and the unique System Monitor allows you to restrict access to any programs on your computer.

      Time Control allows YOU to choose times and days when your child is allowed to surf the web.

    MyWeb is available for these platforms:

    • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME
    • Windows NT, Windows 2000
    • Windows XP

  • Noah's Web

    Version 4.0

    Available since February 2003

    The makers of Noah's Web describe their product as: software that empowers parents to keep their children safe on the Internet. Features include 1) Internet lockdown--restricts access to only pre-approved Web sites using any program; 2) Safe email; 3) Closed, filtered chat rooms and 4) Aggregated and custom content.

    Noah's Web is a product that:

      Noah's Web combines the following products into a single online solution for the family:
      zKid Browser (designed for kids 4-12),
      our zTeen Browser (designed for the teen market),
      and our zParent Browser (designed with exclusive features for the adult/parent).

      Comprehensive security solution (secure - browsing, email, chat, limited desktop access, etc.)
      One-click switching to standard browser for parent
      Simple setup, ~ 5 minutes
      Children surf ONLY pre-approved sites
      Popup Blocker to eliminate unwanted advertising
      Buddy list only email - No Spam!
      Filtered secure chat rooms
      Simple, powerful Parental Controls
      Soon to have secure Instant Messaging
      Always updated

    Noah's Web offers a free 3--day trial and is available for these platforms:

      They do not have a MAC version but support Microsoft platforms, including Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, and XP

    Access Control Software

    Available since January 1, 2002

    The makers of Access Control, Access Control Software, describe their product as: A parental control utility that allows filtering of programs, websites, messenger programs and computer/Internet use by time and day.

    Access Control is a product that:

      filters websites
      filters applications, games, etc.
      filters ALL chat programs
      disables Windows functions
      loads automatically on startup
      CANNOT be shutdown in anyway
      password protected
      can be installed in STEALTH
      optional splash warning screen
      all events are logged so you see when a rule was broken
      choose which hours to filter access for each day

    Access Control is available for these platforms:

    • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME
    • Windows NT, Windows 2000
    • Windows XP

    More info coming soon...

    * Note: Above information is derived from the companies that make these tools. safesurfingkids.com does not endorse any of the products or guarantee their effectiveness.

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